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WHAT is this service about?

Counselling is a professional service that makes use of knowledge, qualifications, and exprience, to help people to gain mind lucidity, change behaviours, improve lifestyle, and understanding causes to issues. Available for:

- Individuals / Couples / Family
It uses a talkative approach; topics can vary form grief and loss, to personality, addiction, anxiety, relationship, depression and stress. Homework and techniques are necessary sometimes to achieve the goals. The goals are set up together with the counselor and regularly reviewed until fulfillment.

HOW many sessions?
This question can be addressed only after the issues are discussed with the counsellor. It really depends on the client resources and presenting issues, the extent of the problem and how is affecting the quality of life, and availability.
Usually, summing up everything, an average of 15 session assure a deeper self-awareness, behavioral change, and solid learning of skills and techniques.

DOES it really work?

Counseling is not for everyone. Results and outcomes depend on client's motivation, commitment and honesty, as well as counselor's personality, experience and preparation; how they 'click' together it's not predictable. It is a process, a journey, made of up and downs and difficulties.

When it works, it surely provides a general outstanding improvement of lifestyle, behaviors, mental health, self-control, better problem solving, organisational skills and improved emotional / social / moral intelligence.

DO I need a MHCP (Mental Health Care Plan)?
No, Counselling of the Deep is a private professional psychotherapy service that doesn't have capability for Medicare rebate. It still provides evidence based mental health counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and psychoeducation services for individuals, couples or families. This private counselling and therapy service is a flexible solution that would suite the majority of people.

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