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Counselling of the Deep makes use of the most modern neuro-scientific discoveries about the brain and the body mixing European psychological clinical knowledge. The foundations of the practice are spiritual development balanced with behavioural experiments. This means that Counselling of the Deep mainly sees the client under a scientific and holistic light considering the environmental, cultural, social and family influences, keeping an open eye to faith and spiritualism. Passions and interests include but are not limited to anthropology, arts, agriculture, nature, animals and science.

Theory and Approach

Counselling of The Deep has European origins and as such is heavily influenced by thousands of years of history. The history influences include paganism and Egyptian knowledge, Greek, Norse and roman mythologies, Dark Ages and Renaissance, Enlightenment period, to modern times.
Albert, the facilitator, has Italian background and can fluently speak two languages. He has travelled a lot and lives in Australia since 2012 where he got the opportunity to enrich his knowledge about Australian values and aboriginal mythologies.

The topics treated in counselling and analysis are diverse and various. Counselling of The Deep is a nonjudgmental and objective facilitator to self-discover and self-support. Topics and specialisation are on depression, anxiety, identity, personality development, trauma, relationship and addiction. There is no discrimination whatsoever about gender, race, religion, sexual or cultural preferences. 

Cultural Origins

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